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ALEX17 Multi-lidar measurements: vizualizing flow patterns with 2D and 3D wind fields over complex terrain

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posted on 2021-03-26, 11:25 authored by Pedro Santos, Jakob MannJakob Mann, Nikola Vasiljevic, Michael CourtneyMichael Courtney, Arezoo ZamanbinArezoo Zamanbin
The present dataset is part of the Alaiz Experiment-2017 (ALEX17) conducted close to Pamplona, Spain, from Nov/2017 to Jul/2019. The unique feature of this dataset is the scale (~20km^2) and complexity (>500m elevation change) of the topography covered by the measurements. This dataset consists of measurements of five long-range windscanner lidar systems, performing synchronized scanning trajectories that connects and follow both ridges in a 10km Z-shaped transect 125m a.g.l. where the 2D or 3D wind field can be reconstructed. The lidar scans also measure three 2D/3D virtual met masts in strategic points of the domain.


Danish Energy Agency - New European Wind Atlas project (EUDP 14-II)



Related publications (DOI or link to DTU Orbit, DTU Findit)


42°43'29.86"N, 1°34'35.90"W


Start date: 2018-03-21 Stop date: 2019-01-07


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  • Siting;>Design conditions;>Shear
  • Siting;>Design conditions;>Turbulence
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  • Measurements;>Field experiment
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External conditions

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  • Topography;>Forest
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  • Terrain type;>Complex;>Hilly
  • Terrain type;>Complex;>Ridge

Data category

  • Meteorological data


Elena Cantero, Fernando Borbón, Javier Sanz-Rodrigo, Kristoffer schrøder Hansen, Michael Rasmussen, Per Hansen