ALEX17 Test Site dataset: reference 118m met mast on top of Alaiz ridge

The present dataset is part of the Alaiz Experiment-2017 (ALEX17) which consists of one 118m met masts instrumented with nine measurement levels with booms perpendicular to 360º. Wind speed and wind direction are measured at five levels (118, 102, 90, 78 and 40 m) with wind vanes and cup anemometers, and with sonic anemometers at 118, 78 and 40 meters. Temperature and relative humidity are measured at five levels (113, 97, 81, 38 and 2 m). The dataset has 24 months of wind measurements from July/2017 to July/2019. The experiment report shows the coordinates of all sensors, intrument tilt and boom directions. Both raw data at 20Hz, as well as 10min averages of quality-controlled and tilt corrected data are available.