ALEX17 WLS70 lidar profiler: Long-term 2km wind profiles in Alaiz (Spain)

The present dataset is part of the Alaiz Experiment-2017 (ALEX17) conducted close to Pamplona, Spain, from Nov/2017 to Jun/2019. The uniue feature of this dataset is the scale (~20km^2) and complexity (>500m elevation change) of the topography covered by the measurements. This dataset consists of measurements of a Vaisala LEOSPHERE Windcube70 wind lidar profiler located inside the campus of the Navarre Public University (UPNA). The measurement period was from Nov/2017 to July/2019. A Doppler Beam Swing (DBS) scanning strategy is performed, where each line-of-sight stores radial velocity values from 100m to 2000m every 20m. One full scan is completed every 24s. The 10min average profiles along with the "fast" data are both part of this dataset.