ALEX17 surface flux measurements: gradient turbulent fluxes over complex terrain

The present dataset is part of the Alaiz Experiment-2017 (ALEX17) which consists of measurements of nine surface-layer stations (SLS) distributed over the Elorz valley bottom and mountain slopes (geographical coordinates are indicated in the experimental report). The stations were deployed in several phases along Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 and were in operation until December 2018, providing 8 months of measurements from the entire SLS network. These 2-m high stations monitor both atmospheric and soil parameters to characterize their variability along the valley. Measurements of wind at 2 m above the ground and air temperature and humidity at two different levels are used to estimate the surface turbulent fluxes through the flux-gradient approach, together with the atmospheric stability within the surface layer. Both raw data with a sampling period of 5 minutes, as well as 30-min averages of quality-controlled flux data are available.