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Basal Melt (ESA POLAR+ 4D Greenland Experimental Dataset)

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posted on 2022-07-06, 14:16 authored by Yassin Rasmus Bahbah Nielsen, Sebastian Bjerregaard SimonsenSebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen, Louise Sandberg SørensenLouise Sandberg Sørensen

Monthly basal melt discharge (2001-2019) at the five selected drainage basins on the Greenland ice sheet; NEGIS, Northern Lakes, Southern Lakes, Store, and Watson. This is based on solid and liquid discharge estimates for each marine-terminating glacier, thus assessing the seasonal and annual export of freshwater from the land ice to the fjords. For each study site, a *.csv is available containing the total (sum of the components due to geothermal heating, frictional heating and surface water heating) monthly basal discharge rates. 

Please read the README_BasalMelt.txt in the zip file and references Karlsson, Nanna B, 2021, "Greenland Ice Sheet Basal Melt", , GEUS Dataverse, V1,  Karlsson, N.B., Solgaard, A.M., Mankoff, K.D. et al. 

A first constraint on basal melt-water production of the Greenland ice sheet. Nature Communications 12, 3461 (2021). 




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