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Collaboration of Ph.D. fellows in data-intensive research networks: The case of wind energy

posted on 2023-05-12, 09:28 authored by Grischa FraumannGrischa Fraumann, Haakon LundHaakon Lund, Frans van der Sluis, Morten Hertzum

This metadata record consists of 23 interview transcripts with Ph.D. fellows, who are members of the following four data-intensive wind-energy Innovative Training Networks (ITNs): 

  1. FLOating Wind Energy NetwoRk (FLOAWER) 
  2. Lidar Knowledge Europe (LIKE)
  3. Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms (STEP4WIND)
  4. TRAINing school analysing enTRAINment in offshore WIND farms (Train2Wind) 

The qualitative interviews are about scientific collaboration within these networks. The Interviewees were assured that the interview transcripts would not be shared in publications. The related journal manuscript has not been submitted yet.


EU H2020 Marie Curie Train2Wind project no. 861291

Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power

European Commission

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