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Container Stowage Planning - k-shift instances - Roberti-Parenno

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posted on 2023-03-20, 07:22 authored by Dario PacinoDario Pacino, Roberto Roberti, Consuelo Parreño-Torres

This dataset includes all the instances for the k-shift container stowage planning problem from the papers:

Parreño-Torres, C., Çalık, H., Alvarez-Valdes, R., & Ruiz, R. (2021). Solving the generalized multi-port container stowage planning problem by a matheuristic algorithm. Computers and Operations Research, 133, 105383.

Roberti, R., & Pacino, D. (2018). A decomposition method for finding optimal container stowage plans. Transportation Science, 52(6), 1444–1462.


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