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Danish Water Works CCPP Calculation 2022

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posted on 2022-05-19, 12:27 authored by Martin RygaardMartin Rygaard

Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential (CCPP) is a theoretical measure of the amount calcium carbonate needed to precipitate or dissolve for a water solution to reach equilibrium. Using "extended samples" from the national drinking water quality database Jupiter, it is possible to calculate CCPP values for all Danish water works. This data set provides such a calculation based on the most recent samples as of 24th February 2022. All Danish water works are included, provided they have an "extended sample" (dk: udvidet prøve) available. The list of water works is subject to the following constrains:

  • Waterworks missing Ca, HCO3 or pH measurements were excluded. 
  • Waterworks with latest extended sample prior to 2013 was excluded.

Calculation method is explained in Tang et al 2021. I used PhreeqC version 3.7.3


GEUS, 2022. National well database (Jupiter). Complete database downloaded as MS SQL format. Geol. Surv. Denmark Greenl. URL (accessed 24FEB2022).

Tang, C., Godskesen, B., Aktor, H., van Rijn, M., Kristensen, J.B., Rosshaug, P.S., Albrechtsen, H.J., Rygaard, M., 2021. Procedure for calculating the calcium carbonate precipitation potential (CCPP) in drinking water supply: Importance of temperature, ionic species and open/closed system. MDPI Water (Switzerland) 13. 


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