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Data for: Accurate T cell Receptor Antigen Pairing through data-driven filtering of sequencing information from single-cells

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posted on 2023-04-18, 13:57 authored by Morten NielsenMorten Nielsen, Helle Rus Povlsen, Amalie Kai Bentzen, Mohammad KadivarMohammad Kadivar, Leon Eyrich JessenLeon Eyrich Jessen, Sine Reker HadrupSine Reker Hadrup

The different data sets analyzed and generated in this study. These data includes the raw data file (raw.csv), the data filtered by the optimized UMI count hresholds (opt_thr.csv), the data filtered by the UMI thresholds and HLA matching (hla_match.csv), and final filtered data including only GEMs with complete TCR annotation.


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