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Data for: "Exposure to urban and rural contexts shapes smartphone usage behavior"

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This dataset consists of aggregated statistics that enable to reproduce results for the paper: "Exposure to urban and rural contexts shapes smartphone usage behavior.", published on PNAS Nexus. The data contains smartphone usage for 454,018 individuals. More details about the data are included in the article.

Each row represent one smartphone user, and includes the following information

  • [gender] self-reported gender
  • [age-group] age-group (computed from self-reported age, 1=18-26, 2=27-36, 3=36-48, 4=48-66, 5=66+)
  • [urbanization]: urbanization level around the home location (3=urban, 2=suburban, 1=rural)
  • [GID_0]: country of residence
  • [median_screen_time]: median daily smartphone usage (minutes)
  • [median_n_apps]: median number of unique apps.

For each field x among the following, the value represents the fraction of usage in category x. Categories are assigned by the Android Play Store

  • [Books]
  • [Browsing]
  • [Business]
  • [Camera/Album]
  • [Communication]
  • [Entertainment]
  • [Game]
  • [Health_and_Fitness]
  • [Maps_and_Navigation]
  • [Movie/TV]
  • [Music]
  • [News]
  • [Other]
  • [Productivity]
  • [Shopping]
  • [Social]
  • [Tools]
  • [Travel_and_Local]
  • [Weather]


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