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Data for "Feasibility of ultra-low Pt loading electrodes for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells based in phosphoric acid-doped membrane"

posted on 2020-01-13, 13:44 authored by Santiago Martin Fernandez, Jens Oluf JensenJens Oluf Jensen, Qingfeng LiQingfeng Li, Pedro Luis Garcia-Ybarra, Jose Luis Castillo Gimeno
Data corresponding to the polarization and power density curves of PBI-based MEAs with ultra-low Pt loading electrodes (0.025 - 0.1 mgPtcm-2). The tests were performed in HT-PEMFCs under ambient pressure, H2/Air and 180ºC. Data comprise the optimization of the ultra-low Pt loading of the anode electrode, the optimum catalyst (in terms of Pt/C wt.% concentration), the effect of the binder content (PTFE) of the electrodes and the influence of the deposition method (ultrasonic-spraying, electrospraying and airbrushing) on the performance of ultra-low Pt loaded electrodes for HT-PEMFCs.


EU framework program for research and innovation H2020 under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship (H2020-IF-2017), grant number 796272


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