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Data for: 'Keyed shear connections with looped U-bars subjected to normal and shear forces'

posted on 12.03.2021, 11:52 by Jesper Harrild Sørensen, Linh Cao Hoang, Peter Noe Poulsen
This data sample contains the complete experimental test results of a series of 26 structural tests on keyed shear joints subjected to normal and shear forces. The tests are described in:

"Keyed shear connections with looped U-bars subjected to normal and shear forces
- Part I - Experimental investigation
- Part II - Rigid-plastic modelling of the ultimate capacity

which are published in Structural Concrete.

In the papers, relevant results are presented and selected relations are visualised. The reader is referred to these publications for an in-depth description and explanation of the results.

This sample contains a Read-me.txt file that introduces the format of the dataset and the files included. The data files are supplemented by figures of the relevant load-displacement relationships as an example of how the data can be presented. The data is supplemented with images for the purpose of 2D Digital Image Correlation. A small video of the major strain calculated from the images are also includes for illustrative purposes.


Innovationsfonden Denmark, Grant ID 6151-00021A


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