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Data for Study 2 in the article “Long-term protection and serologic response of European sea bass vaccinated with a betanodavirus Virus-like Particle produced in Pichia pastoris” by Barsøe et al. (2021)

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Dataset from vaccination and challenge trial of European sea bass with an experimental VLP-vaccine against Viral Nervous Necrosis caused by betanodavirus (also called Nervous Necrosis Virus). More details are provided in the dataset (under "Read me").

The dataset is supplementary material to the publication "Long-term Protection and Serologic Response of European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Vaccinated with a Betanodavirus Virus-Like Particle produced in Pichia pastoris." Vaccines 2021, 9(5),447.


MedAid Horizon 2020 (Grant agreement No 727315)