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Data set for "The sintering behavior of ellipsoidal particles"

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posted on 2022-05-18, 05:41 authored by Rasmus BjørkRasmus Bjørk

This repository is the data described in the article "The sintering behavior of ellipsoidal particles".

The repository contains data for 25 simulations done using a kinetic Monte Carlo model of sintering.

Five different particle aspect ratios, AR, are considered. The simulations for each of these has its own folder. Within that folder are the five independent simulations run for each particle aspect ratio.

For each subdirectory, the data is stored as described below. 

The kinetic Monte Carlo sintering data, i.e. the voxel information as function of Monte Carlo Steps (MCS) is contained in the file "voxel_timesteps.mat", which is a Matlab data file containing two arrays. The first is the "atoms" array which is a 4D array with a number of simulation snapshots (i.e. where the state of the simulation is saved) and then voxel information in the 300x300x300 cubed lattice considered. Thus for example atoms(12,:,:,:) is the simulation snapshot 12 with voxel data for 300x300x300 sites. The voxel data is such that a simulation boundary site has a value of -1, a pore site a value of 0 and a grain site an integer value larger than 1. Different grains have different integer values. The other array in the matlab file is the "timestep" array which simply contains informations on how many MCS each simulation snapshot corresponds to.

All information presented in the article can be extracted from the kinetic Monte Carlo simulation snapshots. However, the information regarding relative density, mean grain size, strain and mean coordination number is, for ease of use, given in the "data_processed.txt" in each simulation sub-folder. The header in the file describe how the file is structured.


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