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Dataset: Bedrock Permafrost in Sisimiut, West Greenland

posted on 2024-02-14, 10:03 authored by Marco Marcer

This dataset contains the original data for the manuscirpt by Marcer et al, Modeling present and future rock wall permafrost distribution in the Sisimiut mountain area, West Greenland. The data are the basis to develop, calibrate and validate the numerical model describing rock wall permafrost in the Sisimiut area. The data consist of:

  • Rock surface temperature data acquired during the hydrological years 2020-2022. The data are acquired by a network of 9 loggers installed in steep rock walls. Here, we provide the RST time series as .csv file, along with air temperature and incoming solar radiation evaluated using the TopoSCALE algorithm. The data are accompained by a .shp file describing loggers locations - EPSG 3413. Shp file can be open using any GIS software, e.g. Qgis.
  • Field ERT acquired in October 2020. The data are acquired using Electrical Resistivity Tomography along a 100 m transect across a mid-elevation mountain ridge. Data are provided as .xls file and can be handled using Res2inv. The profile location is given as .shp file. Shp file can be open using any GIS software, e.g. Qgis.
  • Laboratory data of rock samples acquired at the geophysical transect location. The data are provided as .xls file and describe the results of the petrophysical analysis linking samples' temperature and measured conductivity.
  • Georasters providing the GIS data for visualization of the terrain in the study. All data is at 10 m resolution and ESPG 3413. We provide the DEM, derived from the Arctic DEM V3.0; the potential incoming solar radiation map. As modeling results, we provide georasters of mean rock surface temperatures during three climatic settings: present conditions (2002-2022), and at the end of the 21st century under the two scenarios RCP 2.6 and RCP 8.5. Georasters file can be open using any GIS software, e.g. Qgis.


TEMPRA - Greenland Research Council


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