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Dataset for: Experimental investigation on the effects of shoreface nourishment placement and timing on long-term cross-shore profile development

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posted on 2022-12-08, 12:18 authored by Bjarke Eltard LarsenBjarke Eltard Larsen, David R. FuhrmanDavid R. Fuhrman, Stefan CarstensenStefan Carstensen, Rex Carstensen, D.A. (Dominic) van der A
This is a dataset for the results presented in:
"Experimental investigation on the effects of shoreface nourishment placement and timing on long-term cross-shore profile development"
The data is organized in matlab structs with one struct pr. case presented. The naming of the structs follows the naming in the article.
Inside the struct the data is oganized as follows:
x %The distance in m to the wave paddle [m]
z %The vertical coordinate of the bed [m] at corresponding x locations at different times
z_clean %Vertical coordinate of a filter profile [m]
bedTime %The timing of the bed scans [h]
xShore %The horizontal position of the shoreline at different times [m]
hBerm %The height of the berm above the still water level [m]
xBerm %The horizontal position of the berm [m]
hBar %The water depht at the bar [m]
xBar %The horizontal position of the bar [m]
qSTot %The sediment tranport rate estimated based on bed scans [m^2/s]
qSTime %The timing of the sediment transport rate [h] taken as the center between two subsequent bed scans
run.Assym %The asymmetry of the surface elevations
run.Hm0 %The characteristic  wave height [m] of the experiments
run.Skew %The skewness of the surface elevations
run.xposWG %The horizontal position [m] of the wave gauges
run.startTime %The start time [h] of the wave measurements
run.centerTime %The center time [h] of the wave measurements
run.duration %The duration [h] of the wave measurements
Example of usage
%% Show the inital profile of the reference case along with the wave heights at t\approx 2.5 h
set(gcf,'Position',[100 200 600 200]);
plot(Ref.x,Ref.z(1,:),'k') % Bed profile
hold on
plot(,,'ko') % Characteristic wave height
plot([5 Ref.xShore(1)],[0 0],'k--') % Still water level
xlabel('$x$ [m]','interpreter','latex')
ylabel('$z$ [m]','interpreter','latex')
axis([5 24 -0.5 0.2])


Independent Research Fund Denmark project SWASH: Simulating WAve Surf-zone Hydrodynamics and sea bed morphology, Grant No. 8022-00137B.


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