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Datasets: Tensile behaviour of soda-lime-silica glass and the significance of load duration - A literature review

Datasets provided here are collected from an extensive literature review based on 92 articles; see title and DOI of linked peer-reviewed article below. These publications were reviewed in detail to compile a summary of current state-of-the-art understanding of the time-dependent tensile behaviour of soda-lime-silica glass.

Two main test methods to characterise glass have been identified: (1) the static fatigue test, constant applied stress, and (2) the dynamic fatigue test, constant stress rate. Hence, the following two files (Excel spreadsheets) can be accessed:

(1) SLSG_static_fatigue_datasets.xlsx
(2) SLSG_dynamic_fatigue_datasets.xlsx

Each file is composed of individual sheets divided into author and dataset. The individual sheets contain the reviewed experimental data, post-processed for comparison purposes, and the associated references.

Data that only have been presented in the publications as a plot were extracted using the freeware software WebPlotDigitizer (ver. 4.3).


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