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ERA5 atmospheric stability for usage in WAsP 12.8

posted on 2023-08-18, 06:32 authored by Rogier Ralph FloorsRogier Ralph Floors

The dataset "" is obtained by loading the variables needed for calculating the temperature scale from hourly ERA5 files. These files are available in grib format that have been obtained from the Copernicus Data Store (CDS). They are opened using xarray and cfgrib and processed using the functions stability_histogram from the python package PyWAsP. Because a conditional mean based on the 50% highest wind speeds must be calculated, all values are binned according to wind speed at 100 m and this histogram is then used to calculate the mean and root-mean-square of the temperature scale. The boundary layer height scale is calculated in a similar fashion. For more documentation see the accompanying paper. A validation of the WAsP model using these data is available in the references.

The file "" contains the geostrophic wind shear. The mean magnitude and direction is obtained sector-wise in similar fashion as described above. The geostrophic wind shear can be calculated from the pressure level geopotential height. The way to do this is described here:

Please, also refer to the item "ERA5 data for air density calculations in WAsP"

v1: Final version that corresponds to the published version of the paper:
This is slightly different then the first version due to Eq. 9


This work is partly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and administered by the Danida Fellowship Centre through the Multi-scale and model-chain Evaluation of Wind Atlases (MEWA) project (grant no. 17-M01-DTU).





Start date: 2011-01-01 Stop date: 2021-01-01


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