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EllipSys3D large eddy simulation data of single wind turbine wakes in neutral atmospheric conditions

posted on 2019-11-08, 13:42 authored by Paul van der LaanPaul van der Laan
This data set represents transient velocity fields obtained by large eddy simulations (LES) of a wind turbine wake, for two different ambient turbulence intensities (4% and 12.8%). EllipSy3D [1-3], the in-house flow solver of DTU Wind Energy, is used to compute the LES data. The complete setup and post processed data are described in:

The average flow field is published as Cases 5 and 6 in the first article, corresponding to a low and high ambient turbulence intensity. Two additional LES data sets are added (*_NoAD_*.nc), where the wind turbine model is switched off so one can isolate the wake effect.

More specific info:
- The NREL-5MW rotor is modeled as an actuator disk with a fixed force distribution that does not change with time. The force distribution is based on a rotor resolved detached eddy simulation. The rotor diameter D is 126 m.
- The coordinate system is: x=streamwise, y=lateral and z=height.
- The LES data is extracted from a plane at hub height (z=90 m) with:
a) Spatial dimensions x=-1D,8.5D and y=-2D,2D (actuator disk is located at (x,y,z) = (0, 0, 90) m,
b) Spatial sample resolution is D/30 (4.2 m). The numerical grid is twice as fine (D/60).
c) Temporal sample resolution is 0.24 s.
d) Each plane has 286x121 = 34606 spatial points.
e) 15500 planes are stored per case.
- The averaged freestream hub height velocity is close to 8 m/s.
- Inflow turbulence is modeled by the Mann model.
- Each case corresponds to 1 hour LES. This duration is long enough to get converged mean velocity fields for the low ambient turbulence case. However, the high ambient turbulence case could be improved by running a longer LES because the mean streamwise velocity field in the far wake is still asymmetric, where a symmetric mean streamwise velocity field would be expected.
- The filenames *_UWV_* should have been called *_UVW_*.

An example Python script,, is provided which can read and plot the LES data.

For questions, please contact: Paul van der Laan,

EllipSys3D references:

1: Michelsen, J. A., Basis3D - a Platform for Development of Multiblock PDE Solvers, AFM 92-05, Department of Fluid Mechanics, Technical University of Denmark, December 1994.
2: Michelsen, J. A., Block structured Multigrid solution of 2D and 3D Elliptic PDEs, AFM 94-06, Department of Fluid Mechanics, Technical University of Denmark, May 1994.
3: Sørensen, N. N., General Purpose Flow Solver Applied to Flow Over Hills, Risø-R-827, Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark, 1995.


Danish Council for Strategic Research, grant number 09-067216



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