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Existing offshore wind generation time series (PECD 2021 update)

This data (csv file) provides simulated hourly time series of existing offshore wind generation for the regions shown in the attached map. Only regions with existing (by the time of modeling) offshore wind power plants are simulated (otherwise the data are NaN). The map shows the resulting capacity factors (annual mean). Wake losses are modeled, with additional 5 % of other losses and unavailability considered.

The time stamps are in GMT; the variable (column) names relate to the region names shown in the maps. The data include also country-level aggregations, e.g., UK00_OFF is the aggregated offshore wind generation of all the UK regions (weighted by regional installed capacities).

The data are part of the variable renewable energy generation time series created for ENTSO-E in the 2021 update of the Pan-European Climate Database (PECD) dataset. ENTSO-E has used the data in ERAA 2021 and Winter Outlook 2021-2022 assessments, and they are used in TYNDP 2022. The simulations are carried out by DTU Wind Energy, with the future technology selection and data validation discussed and agreed with ENTSO-E and its members.

The linked journal paper (1st link) describes the ERA5-based simulation methodology. It is requested that the paper is cited when the data are used. The linked related journal paper (2nd link) describes the modeling of wake losses and storm shutdown behaviour for the offshore wind power plants.

This item is part of a larger collection of wind and solar data:


PECD 2021 update project for ENTSO-E



Start date: 1982-01-01 Stop date: 2019-12-31


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