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Generation and Load time-series data for 10kV-400V networks

This dataset contains .csv files.
The data contains load and generation time series for all the 10 kV or 400 V nodes in the network.
Load and Generation time-series data:

Load time-series
> active and reactive power at 1 hour resolution
> aggregated time-series at 60 kV-10 kV substation
> individual load time-series at 10 kV or 400 V nodes
> 27 different load profiles grouped in to household, commercial, agricultural and miscellaneous

Generation time-series
> active power at 1 hour resolution
> Wind and solar generation time-series from meteorological data

This item is a part of the collection, 'DTU 7k-Bus Active Distribution Network'

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Wind farm - grid interactions: exploration and development

European Commission

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