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Gravimetric prospecting: Searching for new hydrocarbon basins using global models

posted on 2020-03-19, 08:01 authored by Stefano Colpani
Thesis Appendix (PDF) & Supplemental Material (ZIP): we present a digital publication, consisting of a set of global gravimetric maps, in the form of gravity anomalies, gradients, and invariants, gridded at various ellipsoidal heights starting ten kilometres above GRS80, in 2014 and 2015 released versions resolved respectively at a one by one and a one-sixth by one-sixth of an arc degree, corresponding to the observed GOCE satellite gravity signal, the computed regional gravity signature of CRUST1 superimposed seismic-constrained geological layers at depth, and, resulting via stripping, the independent residual gravity signature of sedimentary basins. Support documentation (README) is included.