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Gravitational mass balance of Greenland 2003 to present v2.1

Greenland mass balance (GMB) product for the Greenland Ice Sheet from GRACE(-FO) satellite gravimetry (CSR RL06) by DTU Space, computed with the mass point inversion method.

GMB mass change trends over different 5-year periods are derived by DTU Space within the ESA CCI GIS project and are provided in the following file:

The linear trend grids are given in units of millimeter water equivalent per year.

The following files are also provided for GMB temporal mass changes derived by DTU Space within the ESA CCI GIS project.

GIS00_grace.dat : all GIS
GIS01_grace.dat : Basin 1
GIS02_grace.dat : Basin 2
GIS03_grace.dat : Basin 3
GIS04_grace.dat : Basin 4
GIS05_grace.dat : Basin 5
GIS06_grace.dat : Basin 6
GIS07_grace.dat : Basin 7
GIS08_grace.dat : Basin 8

The files contain the following information:

time [decimal year], mass change [gigatons], error [gigatons]

Each file is complemented by a quicklook image in png format.

Data source: GRACE and GRACE-FO monthly solutions provided by CSR RL06
GIA correction: Caron et al. 2018

Basin definitions and further data descriptions can be found in the ST-DTU-ESA-GISCCI-ATBD-001_v3.0.doc and ST-DTU-ESA-GISCCI-PSD_v2.2.doc which can be found on the project website: http://esa-icesheets-greenland-cci.org/

GMB products by DTU Space are derived with the inversion method described in Barletta et a. 2013.

Barletta, V. R., Sorensen, L. S., and Forsberg, R.: Scatter of mass changes estimates at basin scale for Greenland and Antarctica, The Cryosphere, 7, 1411-1432, doi:10.5194/tc-7-1411-2013, 2013.




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