Grid Frequency Measurements of the Nordic Power System during 2019

posted on 04.08.2020 by Andreas Thingvad, Mattia Marinelli
The grid frequency is measured every half second during 2019, at DTU Risø Campus, Zealand, Denmark (DK-2), which is a part of the Nordic power system (ENTSOE RG-N).
340.8 days are measured with the DEIF MTR-3
24.2 days are not measured.
The MTR-3 has an accuracy of 10 mHz
There is one column with the UNIX timestamp in milliseconds and one column with the frequency measurement.
The dataset has a fixed sample rate of 0.5 s, and missing samples are replaced with NaN so there are 24*7200*365=63,072,000 rows in the set.


EUDP project ACES - Across Continent Electric Vehicle Services (grant EUDP17-I-12499, website: www.aces-bornholm.eu).