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Grid Frequency Measurements of the Nordic Power System during 2019

posted on 2020-08-04, 13:28 authored by Andreas Thingvad, Mattia MarinelliMattia Marinelli
The grid frequency is measured every half second during 2019, at DTU Risø Campus, Zealand, Denmark (DK-2), which is a part of the Nordic power system (ENTSOE RG-N).
340.8 days are measured with the DEIF MTR-3
24.2 days are not measured.
The MTR-3 has an accuracy of 10 mHz
There is one column with the UNIX timestamp in milliseconds and one column with the frequency measurement.
The dataset has a fixed sample rate of 0.5 s, and missing samples are replaced with NaN so there are 24*7200*365=63,072,000 rows in the set.


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