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HAWC2 input data and statistics of time series for slightly modified versions of the DTU10MW and IEA10MW wind turbines for DLC1.2

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posted on 2020-04-20, 08:50 authored by Ozan Gözcü, David Robert VerelstDavid Robert Verelst
HAWC2 input files and statistics of the time series for the slightly modified versions of the DTU10MW and IEA10MW turbines as used for studying the effect of geometric non-linear model fidelities. This data set is used in the publication "The effects of blade structural model fidelity on wind turbine load analysis and computation time". Please note that the versions of the DTU andIEA10MW models used here are slightly different compared to the original models: the DTU10MW has a small offset on the blade twist distribution, and the IEA10MW has a different drive train mass and inertia.


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