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Hourly timeseries data of wind and solar power production as well as electricity consumption for all of Denmark from the Danish TSO Energinet

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Version 2 2019-12-11, 12:03
Version 1 2019-01-24, 13:26
posted on 2019-12-11, 12:03 authored by Karen Pardos Olsen
This dataset contains measured timeseries of renewable energy production and electricity consumption as well as exchange with neighboring countries/continents on hourly time resolution. The timeseries data has been divided into two xml files, one for each of the Danish price regions; DK1 (Western Denmark) and DK2 (Eastern Denmark). The data comes from the Danish TSO Energinet and was used in a flexibility study by Karen Olsen in 2018-19 leading to a paper that is to appear in the proceedings of the ICAE19 conference and is entitled: "Data-driven flexibility requirements for current and future scenarios with high penetration of renewables". A journal paper has also been submitted using the same data.

The data has been extracted from a website run by Energinet at the following link where time series data is publicly available:
The present version was extracted in September 2019 and contains installation and production data from 2011 until and including the beginning of September 2019.

The data is in the originally downloaded xml files, ready to be parsed by the python code written by Karen Olsen (see reference for Fanfare code).

Data used for analysis:
- offshore wind power generated (column: "Offshore Wind Power" in the xml file)
- onshore wind power generated (column: "Onshore Wind Power" in the xml file)
- solar power generated (column: "Solar Power Prod" in the xml file)
- gross consumption (column: "Gross Con" in the xml file)

Further information and code for analysis can be found under:

Contains data used pursuant to 'Conditions for use of Danish public-sector data' from the Energi Data Service portal (