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Insulation Thickness Optimizer, ITO

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posted on 2022-08-08, 08:30 authored by Naja Kastrup FriisNaja Kastrup Friis

The Excel file contains an interactive tool, ITO, standing for "Insulation Thickness Optimizer". The purpose is to make it quick and straightforward to identify the insulation thickness with minimum CO2 emissions. The tool is developed for Copenhagen, nine Greenlandic destinations and eight insulation products. 

The necessary inputs are:

- The building location

- The insulation type

- How the waste is handled

- ESL, Estimated Service Life of the building

These basic inputs produce the following outputs: 

- Eopt, the minimum possible emissions

- dopt, the corresponding insulation thickness to Eopt

Formulas, inputs and parameters can be adjusted for the tool, ITO, to fit any location, insulation material and other conditions.

To use the tool it is necessary to have a license for Excel. 

The reference to the peer-reviewed article will be added when it has been published.


Please cite this work as: N.K. Friis. 2022. Insulation Thickness Optimizer, ITO. Dataset. Technical University of Denmark, 10.11583/DTU.19672470. 

This work is licensed under a CCBY 4.0 license.

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