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LES of Wind Turbine in Yaw with ABL Inflows

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posted on 2023-06-06, 13:01 authored by Emily Louise HodgsonEmily Louise Hodgson

Wind turbine outputs from Large Eddy Simulations of a single wind turbine operating under three different atmospheric inflow conditions: conventional neutral boundary layer (inflow velocity approximately 8.5m/s, 5.5% turbulence intensity); stable boundary layer (inflow velocity approximately 8.6m/s, 3.3% turbulence intensity); convective boundary layer (inflow velocity approximately 8.4m/s,14.6% turbulence intensity). Total simulation length of 2 hours, data from the last 1 hour. Grid resolution of 16 cells/radius, and the turbine is modelled with an actuator disc method, using the EllipSys3D-Flex5 coupling to compute turbine power and loads. 

Folders are different atmospheric inflow, turbine yaw and modelling combinations: e.g. 'CNBL_AD00': conventionally neutral boundary layer inflow, actuator disc turbine modelling, 0 degrees yaw. Files uploaded are in .nc format containing the three velocity components, split into mean and fluctuating parts, over three planes. The planes are 3 diameters wide and 2.5 diameters tall, normal to the streamwise direction. Position 1 (files named pos01) is 2 diameters infront of turbine; position 2 is 2 diameters behind the turbine; position 3 is 6 diameters behind the turbine. The files also contain the mean velocity and mean turbulence intensity at hub height, rotor radius, and x,y,z coordinates of the planes relative to the turbine location. READme file contains further details including variable definitions.

More data, such as 10 and 30 degrees yaw for all cases, planes at every 1D downstream, and some turbine outputs, are available for all simulations. Please contact if you are interested in further details.  


EU H2020 Marie Curie Train2Wind project no. 861291

Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power

European Commission

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Emily Louise Hodgson, Søren Juhl Andersen

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