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Magnetic Resonance Free Induction Decay of Geological Porous Materials in the Single-Exponential and Non-Exponential Regimes

posted on 2021-08-16, 13:29 authored by Armin AfroughArmin Afrough
This dataset contains 1H magnetic resonance free induction decay of three rock samples: (a) Berea sandstone, (b) Danian chalk from the Kraka oilfield, and (c) Danian chalk from the Dan oilfield. All rocks are saturated with 2 wt% NaCl solutions and were measured by two instruments: (1) Oxford Maran DRX-HF vertical bore permanent magnet at 1H frequency of 8.5 MHz, and (b) Nalorac 2.4 T horizontal bore superconducting magnet equipped with a Tecmag console at 1H frequency of 98.8 MHz.


Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre