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Measurements of morphology and settling velocity of sea stars (Asterias rubens)


This data set contains morphological measurements of sea stars (Asterias rubens) caugth in Limfjorden, Denmark (2022). A detailed description of the measurement methods are given in [1]. 

The morphological data includes the length of the sea stars (L), which was measure from tip of an arm to the middle of the central disc, the volume (V), mass (M), the size of the central disc (C’) characterized by the distance from one armpit to an armpit two arms away, the thickness of the central disc (T) and the arm width (W’) measured at the widest place on the arm. 

The data set also contains the settling velocity of sea stars and the length distribution of sea stars caught on cockle and mussel bed. 


[1] K. B. Burgaard et al.: Morphology and Settling Velocity of Sea Stars (Asterias rubens), J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2023, 11(2), 296;


European Fisheries Fund Grant 33113-I-19-130

GUDP Grant 34009-19-1528


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