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Movement data for publication "Acoustic scene complexity affects motion behavior during speech perception in audio-visual multi-talker virtual environments"

posted on 2024-06-21, 08:47 authored by Valeska SlomiankaValeska Slomianka, Axel AhrensAxel Ahrens, Torsten DauTorsten Dau

This dataset contains the data from the publication "Acoustic scene complexity affects motion behavior during speech perception in audio-visual multi-talker virtual environments".

The dataset contains data from 13 listeners (subjID). Listeners had to indicate the spatial location of a spoken story in the presence of other stories in virtual audio-visual scenes with 5 audio-visual conditions (AVCondition). The number of simultaneous talkers was between 2 and 8 (numTalkers). Each of these conditions was repeated 3 times (rep).

For each trial and each participant, head and eye movement data were recorded as well as pupil dilation for both eyes.

The dataset consists of "metadata.csv" file, which includes information for all participants and all trials. The table contains the following columns:

  • subjID: subject identifier
  • trialNumber: number if the trial (1-105)
  • numTalker: number of concurrent talkers (2-8)
  • AVcondition: audio-visual condition 1: anechoic, 2: mid-reverb, 3: high-reverb, 4: Audio Anechoic & Visual high-reverb, 5: Audio High-reverb & Visual Anechoic
  • rep: Repetition number, each AVcondition * numTalker combination was repeated 3 times
  • targetStory: Index for the target story (1-10), speech material is available here
  • targetTalker: Index of target talker (1-10)
  • targetGender: Gender of target talker
  • correct: correctness of the response 0: incorrect, 1: correct
  • targetLocation: target location in degree azimuth
  • RT: response time
  • masler_locations: masker locations in degree azimuth
  • responseLocation: location of the indicated target talker. If the response was correct, the response location is the same as the target location

For each trial, the corresponding head movement, gaze and pupil dilation data are stored in the corresponding "motionData_subjID-[subjID]_trialNumber-[trialNumber].csv" file, which can be found in ""

Ethical statement:

Participants were paid on an hourly basis and gave consent to an ethics agreement approved by the Science-Ethics Committee for the Capital Region of Denmark (reference H-16036391).The dataset contains data for 13 young listeners with normal hearing.


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