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Numerical models for the design and analysis of heat pumps with zeotropic mixtures

posted on 2018-12-07, 09:59 authored by Benjamin Zühlsdorf, Brian ElmegaardBrian Elmegaard, Jonas Kjær JensenJonas Kjær Jensen
The work presents numerical models for the design and analysis of heat pump cycles with pure and mixed working fluids. The models are suitable for working fluid screenings for pure and mixed working fluids and offer possibilities for a detailed analysis of the heat pump cycle.


This research project is financially funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research in Sustainable Energy and Environment, under the project title: “THERMCYC – Advanced thermodynamic cycles utilizing low-temperature heat sources” and by EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration) under the project title “Mixed refrigerant heat pumps/cooling systems (MIREHP)” with the grant number 64016-0045.