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Planar Room Impulse Response Dataset - ACT, DTU Electro (b. 355 r. 008) - Source 2

posted on 2023-05-23, 06:51 authored by Xenofon KarakonstantisXenofon Karakonstantis

Dataset of Room Impulse Responses measured at the Acoustic Technology group facilities, DTU Electro. The measurements were carried out in building 355, room 008, otherwise known as the "sound field control" room.

The dataset consists of measurements of the acoustic impulse response in a regular square grid of 80x80 cm2. The measurements consist of 30x30 room impulse responses (e.g. 900 RIRs) where the microphone, a 1/2 inch free field condenser measurement microphone (Br\"uel\&Kj\"aer, N\ae rum, Denmark) was automatically positioned using a UR5 (Universal Robots, Odense, Denmark) scanning robotic arm. A Odeon Omni loudspeaker (Odeon, Lyngby, Denmark) placed in a room corner was used to excite the room with 4s wideband logarithmic sweeps.  

The data are available as H5 (Hierarchical Data Formats) with the following structure:

Dataset "Sound field control room (Odeon source) - HDF5 datastructure"

   ├── calibration (1) '94.33 dB @ 1.14 kHz'
   ├── fs (1) 48000 Hz
   ├── grid_bottom (3x900) [[2.766, 2.32, 2.73, ... 2.738, 2.76..., ...]] m
   ├── loudspeaker_position (3) [5.779 0.263 0.904] m
   ├── room_dimensions (3)  [6.124 5.771 3.073] m
   ├── sweep_amplitude (1) 0.15
   ├── sweep_duration (1) 4.5 s
   ├── sweep_range (2) [63 8300] Hz
   ├── temperature (1) 20 °C
   └── true_calibration (1) '94.19 dB @ 1.17 kHz'
   ├── Noise_recs_bottom (12x3x144000) float64
   ├── RIRs_bottom (900x27840) float64 (e.g. 900 positions)
   └── sweep_signal (264000) float64


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This dataset is part of the project Danish Sound Cluster project titled "Physics-informed  Neural Networks for Sound Field Reconstruction" [url].  Find more datasets here: Project Page


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