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SCADA Data - overview

This document list a number of internal database with restricted access hosted by DTU Wind Energy. The databases are accessible with reference to NDA contract between the data provider and DTU Wind Energy.

IMPORTANT Access to these database are restricted to employees at DTU Wind Energy.





  • Wind power plant;>Wind farm;>Wakes
  • Wind power plant;>Wind farm;>Other
  • Wind power plant;>Wind farm control
  • Wind power plant;>Performance


  • Not applicable


  • Measurements;>Field experiment

External conditions

  • Location;>Offshore;>Offshore
  • Location;>Offshore;>Nearshore
  • Location;>Onshore;>Inland
  • Location;>Onshore;>Coastal
  • Terrain type;>Complex;>Hilly

Data category

  • Meteorological data
  • Wind farm data
  • Turbine data