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Shapefile of European countries

posted on 2023-07-17, 11:53 authored by Kristian SevdariKristian Sevdari, Drin Marmullaku

This file contains European countries in a shapefile format that can be used in python, R or matlab.

The file has been created by Drin Marmullaku based on GADM version 4.1 ( and distributed according to their license (

Please cite as: Sevdari, Kristian; Marmullaku, Drin (2023). Shapefile of European countries. Technical University of Denmark. Dataset.  This dataset is distributed under a CCBY-NC-SA 4.0 license 

Using the data to create maps for publishing of academic research articles is allowed. 

Thus you can use the maps you made with GADM data for figures in articles published by PLoS, Springer Nature, Elsevier, MDPI, etc. 

You are allowed (but not required) to publish these articles (and the maps they contain) under an open license such as CC-BY as is the case with PLoS journals and may be the case with other open access articles. 

Data for the following countries is covered by a a different license Austria: 

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 (source: Government of Austria)



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