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Single Sided Natural Ventilation Cold Climate

posted on 2019-12-13, 07:25 authored by Kristoffer NegendahlKristoffer Negendahl, Anna Kirketerp Krusell, Kristine Marburger Jensen
Data derived from a multi-variate parametric computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study which investigated the relationships betweenvarious indoor and outdoor related parameters.

Dataset includes:
Height : sensor height (m)
W : room width (m)
D : room depth (m)
Open_area : active opening area (window opening) (m2) v_out : wind velocity outside the window (m/s)
T_out : temperature (C)
Zone : 1,2,3 (near window, midt room, near back wall)
T_10 - T_200 : individual time meassurements of air temperature (K) and air velocity (m/s)
Distance : sensor distance from window