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Sparse Layered Graphs for Multi-Object Segmentation (data)

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posted on 24.11.2020, 09:01 by Niels Jeppesen, Anders Nymark ChristensenAnders Nymark Christensen, Vedrana Andersen DahlVedrana Andersen Dahl, Anders Bjorholm DahlAnders Bjorholm Dahl, Hans Martin KjerHans Martin Kjer, Martin Bech, Lars Dahlin
Data for CVPR 2020 paper Sparse Layered Graphs for Multi-Object Segmentation.

Related notebooks can be found here:

Contains images used in the notebooks and paper experiments.

This is a micro-CT scan of hand nerves used in the paper. The volume is 2048x2048x2048 uint16.

This is a segmentation of the center lines of 216 nerves in the NT32 scan. The segmentation is made at four times lower resolution than NT32_tomo3_.raw and has a size of 512x512x512.

The NT32 dataset was previously used in the paper Three-dimensional architecture of human diabetic peripheral nerves revealed by X-ray phase contrast holographic nanotomography.


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