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posted on 2020-03-03, 08:32 authored by Dario PacinoDario Pacino, Rune Larsen
Stowage Planning Benckmark

This repository provides a banchmark for Stowage Planning Problems.

The benchmark is meant to be used for several versions of the stowage planning problem and will be updated with both new data and their solutions.

The use of this benchmark precludes the citation of the paper where it has first been published. Citation information follows.

Rune Larsen, Dario Pacino, A heuristic and a benchmark for the stowage planning problem, to appear on: Maritime Economics Logistics (2020)

The benchmark is composed of 2 folders:

  • vessel_data
  • container_instances

Vessel_data includes 3 vessel profiles and a visualization of their structure. Container_instances includes a set of loadlists for each of the provided vessels.

The data files are self explenatory, however, a complete description of the data will soon be available.


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