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Supplementary Materials for "Extracts from the liverwort Bazzania trilobata with potential dermo-cosmetic properties"

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posted on 2023-01-25, 10:21 authored by Henrik Toft Simonsen, Raíssa Volpatto Marques, Kasper Enemark-RasmussenKasper Enemark-Rasmussen, Charlotte Held GotfredsenCharlotte Held Gotfredsen

Supplementary Materials

Figure S1. Tentatively compounds identification by comparing MS/MS spectrums of experimental spectrums and in silico spectrums from MS-FINDER.

Figure S2. Preparative LC chromatogram with purified fraction corresponding to drimenyl caffeate.

Table S1. NMR spectroscopic data (800 MHz in MeOD-d4) for drimenyl caffeate (10).


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