Supplementary data for "Hygrothermal performance of six insulation systems for internal retrofitting solid masonry walls"

Supplementary data for: N.F. Jensen, S.P. Bjarløv, C. Rode, B. Andersen, E.B. Møller, 2020, "Hygrothermal performance of a phenolic foam insulation system with a closed cell structure and a lime-cork insulating plaster for internal retrofitting solid masonry walls"
The article is in review for Journal of Building Physics
The authors are awaiting link/DOI for the article.

The datasets comprises:
1) Measured temperature and relative humidity (Hourly data and 96-hour running average).
2) Mathematical mould-growth predictions with the VTT model.
3) On-site fungal tests with the Mycometer method.
4) On-site pH tests
5) Photos for installation of the Phenolic foam and lime-cork insulating plaster systems.