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Supplementary data for "Hygrothermal performance of six insulation systems for internal retrofitting solid masonry walls"

posted on 22.06.2020 by Nickolaj Feldt Jensen, Søren Peter Bjarløv, Carsten Rode, Birgitte Andersen, Eva B. Møller
Supplementary data for: N.F. Jensen, S.P. Bjarløv, C. Rode, B. Andersen, E.B. Møller, 2020, "Hygrothermal performance of a phenolic foam insulation system with a closed cell structure and a lime-cork insulating plaster for internal retrofitting solid masonry walls"
The article is in review for Journal of Building Physics
The authors are awaiting link/DOI for the article.

The datasets comprises:
1) Measured temperature and relative humidity (Hourly data and 96-hour running average).
2) Mathematical mould-growth predictions with the VTT model.
3) On-site fungal tests with the Mycometer method.
4) On-site pH tests
5) Photos for installation of the Phenolic foam and lime-cork insulating plaster systems.


Grundejernes Investeringsfond. Projekt: Anvendeligheden og robustheden af indvendig isolering

Robust Internal Thermal Insulation of Historic Buildings

European Commission

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