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Supplementary materials for publication "Eliminating OFF-frame clones in randomized gene libraries: An improved split β-lactamase enrichment system" in New Biotechnology

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ONT sequencing data for manuscript "A split β-lactamase complementation based in-frame selection system for fast and efficient increase of functional diversity of antibody phage display libraries"

The data is divided in barcodes 1 to 10, which correspond to:

  • Barcode 1: Mix 1 in unselective plate
  • Barcode 2: Mix 1 in selective plate
  • Barcode 3: Mix 2 in unselective plate
  • Barcode 4: Mix 2 in selective plate
  • Barcode 5: Mix 3 in unselective plate
  • Barcode 6: Mix 3 in selective plate
  • Barcode 7: Mix 4 in unselective plate
  • Barcode 8: Mix 4 in selective plate
  • Barcode 9: Library in unselective plate
  • Barcode 10: Library in selective plate

IGV can be used to analyze data in each barcode by comparing to the reference sequence "pTP_AlBla-7B6pRE-OmBla_fix.fa". The ONT sequencing report can also be found. 


This work was supported by The Novo Nordisk Foundation Grant NNF19SA0056783, NNF19SA0057794, and NNF20SA0066621


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