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Supporting Material: 3DFDTD L5/L9 Cavity, Lumierical FDTD-Solutions project files

posted on 2018-10-10, 08:59 authored by Lars Hagedorn FrandsenLars Hagedorn Frandsen
3D FDTD project files (.fsp) for 'Lumierical FDTD-Solutions' ( for modelling a L5 and L9 photonic crystal cavity in InP. The simulations have been run and data are available to be extracted. Files 'L5.R.6.fsp' and 'L9.D.9.fsp' contains the structures for getting the corresponding results in table 4 and table 7, respectively, of the paper 'Benchmarking five numerical simulation techniques for computing resonance wavelengths and quality factors in photonic crystal membrane line defect cavities' by de Lasson et al. The wavelengths of the resonances have been extracted from a Lorenzian fit of the wavelength spectra.


VKR Center of Excellence NATEC-II, grant 8692