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Supporting data for Transport of tracers and pesticides through fractured clayey till: Large Undisturbed Column (LUC) experiments and model-based interpretation

posted on 2021-05-10, 12:21 authored by Klaus MosthafKlaus Mosthaf, Massimo RolleMassimo Rolle, Una Pétursdóttir, Jens Aamand, Peter René Jørgensen
These are supporting data for Transport of Tracers and Pesticides through Fractured Clayey Till: Large Undisturbed Column Experiments and Model-Based Interpretation, published in Water Resources Research. Measured and simulated data (effluent concentrations and solute fluxes) of the flow-through experiments can be found in LUC1_data.xlsx and LUC2_data.xlsx. The datasets were used to create Figures 6a and 6b. The file LUC_combined.xlsx contains effluent concentrations and effluent solute fluxes for the vertical cross section simulations with fracture variation (Chapter 4.2, Figures 7d to 7g). The sheets from the Excel files that contain data are also provided as CSV files.


Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark (CLAYFRAC project, MST-667-00226)