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Supporting material of the article “An environmental and economic assessment of bioplastic from urban biowaste. The example of polyhydroxyalkanoate”

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posted on 2021-02-09, 08:31 authored by Susanna Andreasi Bassi, Alessio Boldrin, Giammarco Frenna, Thomas Fruergaard AstrupThomas Fruergaard Astrup
Supporting Material A
System boundaries and detailed life cycle inventory.
The life cycle inventory of the following processes is described, included the uncertainty distribution of all the parameters resulted from a detailed literature review:
- Economic data
- Current municipal food waste (source separated and residual) and sewage sludge management in the 5 clusters
- Municipal food waste and sewage sludge composition (chemical composition and low heating value) in the 5 clusters
- Municipal food waste collection
- Biorefinery producing PHA
- Anaerobic digestion (AD) with Pre-treatment of source-separated municipal food waste
- Composting
- Dewatering of the digestate
- Treatment of the reject water from the dewatering
- Incineration with energy recovery
- Mechanical biological treatment: stabilization and pre-treatment
- Landfilling
- Use-on-land: compost, digestate, and raw sewage sludge
- Avoided fertilizers
- Consumed and avoided marginal energy (electricity, space heating, diesel)
- Transport
- Salary
- PHA from first-generation biomass
- Fossil plastic

Supporting Material B
LCA and LCC results per impact category, per process and per contributing flow.


Horizon 2020 project Res Urbis (grant agreement 730349)


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