Systems approach to the development of integrated solutions in the Nordic manufacturing industry

2019-11-22T18:02:03Z (GMT) by Tabea Ramirez Hernandez
Solutions are a seamless integration of product and services to fulfil customer needs. The project focuses on how to integrate product development processes (based on product characteristics) and service development processes (based on activities and processes) to develop integrated solutions through a systems approach. Specifically, the project targets the issue of uncertainty management within solution development which manifests itself in high failure rates across industry sectors (as high as 79% failure rates with 25% of companies incurring losses). These uncertainties can arise from the increased operational complexity of solution development and is thus a core issue for managers in practice. This project will focus on categorising these uncertainties, identifying suitable management approaches for reducing and navigating uncertainties and disseminating results and guiding heuristics to engineering managers and other leading practitioners in relevant companies.