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The AMACONOE Database (full-scale nitrous oxide emission data)

posted on 2020-10-14, 07:21 authored by Xueming Chen
This database consists of full-scale N2O emission data and related operational data reported in some publications.

Data 1 links to the publication ''Assessment of Full-Scale N2O Emission Characteristics and Testing of Control Concepts in an Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant with Alternating Aerobic and Anoxic Phases, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2019, 53(21), 12485-12494''.

Data 2 links to the publication ''Seasonal and diurnal variability of N2O emissions from a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant, Science of The Total Environment, 2015, 536, 1-11''.

Data 3 links to the publication ''N2O Emissions from Activated Sludge Processes, 2008−2009: Results of a National Monitoring Survey in the United States, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2010, 44(12), 4505-4511''.


Advanced modelling and control of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment plants

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