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The DeRisk Database

The DeRisk database is an extensive database of long-crested (2D) nonlinear wave kinematics for computation of extreme loads on offshore structures.

The database was produced by running the nonlinear potential flow model OceanWave3D [1] on a gently sloping domain. The performed computations spanned a large parameter space, defined by nondimensional water depth, significant wave height and spectral peak period. A work containing a thorough description and validation of the current computations and of the database concept is currently under preparation [2].

The DataBase is openly accessible under the conditions of the present license.

Routines for interacting with the database, and usage examples are located at:

[1] Engsig-Karup, Allan Peter, Harry B. Bingham, and Ole Lindberg. "An efficient flexible-order model for 3D nonlinear water waves." Journal of computational physics 228.6 (2009): 2100-2118.
[2] Pierella, F., Lindberg, O., Bredmose, H., Bingham, H.B., Read, R., Engsig-Karup, A.P. The DeRisk database: extreme design waves for Offshore Wind Turbines. Under preparation.


DeRisk (Innovationsfonden grant no. 4106-00038B)



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