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The Scales of Human Mobility

posted on 2020-09-14, 10:28 authored by Laura AlessandrettiLaura Alessandretti
The data allows to reproduce Figure1, Figure2 and Figure3 of the article "The Scales of Human Mobility". The article is currently under peer review.

The aggregated data here presented is derived from anonymized GPS trajectories of ~700,000 individuals worldwide collected by a major telecommunication company.
The data processing and analyses are fully described in the article. Raw data are not publicly available to preserve individuals' privacy under the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Figure_1_data_size.csv describes the size of individual containers at different hierarchical levels.
Figure1_data_time.csv describes the time spent within a container at different hierarchical levels.
Figure2_panels_a/b/c/d_source.csv include the Source data necessary to reproduce Figure 2.
Figure3.pkl includes the size of the hierarchical levels for selected individuals, their corresponding country of origin, walkability around the home location, urban/rural level, and gender.

Data in .pkl format and can be opened in Python (see here: