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Understanding the light induced hydrophilicity of metal-oxide thin films Data

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posted on 2023-12-11, 13:26 authored by Rucha Anil DeshpandeRucha Anil Deshpande, Jesper NavneJesper Navne, Mathias Vadmand AdelmarkMathias Vadmand Adelmark, Evgeniy ShkondinEvgeniy Shkondin, Andrea CrovettoAndrea Crovetto, Ole HansenOle Hansen, Julien Bachmann, Rafael J. TaboryskiRafael J. Taboryski

This is a zip file containing the data for "Understanding the light induced hydrophilicity of metal-oxide thin films".

This is the raw data taken from with the goniometer, REELS and AFM, used to characterize the photoswitching effect in TiO2 and in ZnO. They are sorted after what figure they appear in the publication.

It require the corresponding software for the tools to open the data from REELS (Avantage) and AFM (Nanoscope analytics).


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